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Whether its Real Estate or a Rental home, the right photos will have a major effect on your listing. Most of the time, the first thing any potential buyer notices are the photos. Don't lose their interest by not having the right photos and or the right angles. 
   Using an Aerial shot alone could grab the viewers attention quicker than normal. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful home sitting on the side of a mountain, but not being able to see the front of it because of no view point. Use the Aerial package to get the birds eye view of it.
    Twilight photos may slip your mind sometimes, but you can bring out a lot of character in a home just by doing twilight shots. If you went the extra mile for outside lighting, then use it in the photos. Step it up a notch and add on the advanced staging package. Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, lit hot tubs, and whatever else the property has to offer. If you've got it, then show it.
    Videos are also great for advertising and can give the potential buyer a feel of what the property is like in person. With a mix of interior and exterior photos and videos, take the viewers in and around the house, by incorporating in the aerials, you will get an idea of where the home sits, how the land lays and what views can be seen.